Dental implants as a treatment of choice was delayed in spreading out in Greece. Nevertheless this technique has become nowadays a powerful tool in every-day practice of dental clinicians. Is this just a fashion trend or it has something really important to add to patients’ health?

What exactly is a dental implant?

The dental implant is a metallic root-like “pin” of titanium alloy which is placed in the jaw, in order to support artificial teeth in the place of the missing ones. Titanium is a material completely biocompatible, i.e. acceptable from the (host) living tissue, from which orthopedic implants are made as well.

Why choose the implant solution?

The restoration of missing teeth is vital for the overall health and function of the oro-maxillofacial system. Dental implants both look and function like natural teeth. They improve the quality of life in the following areas:

  • Health: Teeth and bone tissue stay intact.
  • Comfort: Gums and palate are not covered. Restorations do not undergo time-destabilization.
  • Chewing ability: implants fully restore this ability as they are strongly attached to the jaw bone.
  • Ability to speak: their excellent stability supports speech as well.
  • Aesthetic: there is no need to use hooks and other technical features limiting aesthetics. The patient is able to remodel his smile, guiding the doctor on how he would like to look after the final restoration.

Which specialist places dental implants?

For implant placement, the patient should address to scientists specialized in implantology. The cooperation of the specialized dentist with the qualified dental technicians for the prosthetic restoration over the implants (crown, bridge or denture) is the key to success.