The confidence that comes out from a nice smile as well as the human need to maintain his face unaltered in time, using it as a mirror of the soul, leads the dentist to take a high-standard aesthetic role. This role extends from the oral cavity to the soft tissue of the perioral area and, in some cases, to the wider facial region. Special techniques give us the potential, not only to eliminate the effects of aging in areas such as the lips, the “puppet” lines , the nasolabial grooves, etc., but also to achieve the “aesthetic beauty “, by using them for volume filling or renewal of the face in areas where the patient wishes. These techniques have been studied and applied for years in medicine for healing and restoration. They are painless methods, easy and absolutely safe, in which our office has been specialized.

What are the techniques used?

There are two categories of non-surgical treatments:
a) contemporary biochemistry and nanotechnology have indicated as appropriate
-hyalouronic acid treatment
-botox therapy
-mesotherapy with various molecules
b) alternative methods dealing with the human body on the whole, that include
-aesthetic acupuncture
– rejuvance
– autologous mesotherapy (PRP)
The choice of treatment and the time of application depend not only on the medical history of the patient and the defective area, but also on his personal needs and expectations.