Aesthetic acupuncture

Extremely thin needles are strategically placed in several points on the face in order to activate the elastin and collagen production. This procedure leads to a kind of natural “face lifting”. Blood streaming becomes more intense resulting in huge oxygene amounts reaching the skin surface and thus correction of its defects (eyebags, wrinkles, loosening, discolouration). At the same time “side effects” of stress-release such as better sleeping, digestion and decrease of menopause symptoms are expected.


This bioenergetic lifting was used firstly by actors as a relaxing method. Its impressive results though was the reason rejuvance is now included in our armamentarium for natural reconstruction of the face and neck. Muscles gradually gain elasticity and stimulation, skin is hydrated internally, wrinkles are softened and our face seems refreshed and vigorous.

One of the characteristics of these treatments is they act more preventively, which means every session (either alone or combined) has an additive effect on the beauty result!