This technique is based on the discovery that our cells have the ability to repair themselves, if damaged, when stimulated. A small amount of blood is enough to stimulate our own repair mechanisms. Is there any more safety than using our own cells?
The autologous serum is prepared in real time and applied on the skin of the face and neck area, either by injected mesotherapy and the use of local anesthetic cream or by a special micro-needling device without anesthesia. The skin is refreshed from inside out and the filling of wrinkles occurs gradually, while scars (from acme etc) eventually disappear. It is all about a natural “lifting” which makes the face look more fresh and youthful, without altering its individual characteristics.
The treatment protocol is completed with the preparation of your personalized serum in our clinic facilities, for you to apply at home.
The results can be seen from the first week, while the improvement is maximized in the following month-period.