In oral surgery the clinician can address a wide range of interventions in the mouth for the diagnosis and / or treatment of the pathology. This includes:

  • surgical extraction of teeth and residual roots
  • treatment of the oral cavity infections
  • apicoectomy
  • biopsy
  • dental implants
  • surgical arrangement and regeneration of soft and hard tissues

The use of laser and other specialized microsurgical devices, as well as the cooperation of experienced doctors and support staff ensure that surgeries take place in the most predictable and painless manner.

Our group is also specialized in the application of the PRP technique, thus collecting venous blood from the patient and producing a platelet –rich graft. Thanks to its autologous origin, i.e. derived from the patient himself, this graft does not present any type of allergy / rejection / transmission of diseases. It is used to achieve fewer complications, resulting in faster and better healing results.