Doing sports, not only benefits our health, but also gives us the confidence and the psychological relief of everyday stress. The more committed to the goal the athlete is, the better performance he has. However, the excessive enthusiasm often leads to injuries and accidents. The sports splint is designed to absorb shocks and distribute the forces that the oro-maxillofacial system accepts, reducing injuries of the soft and hard tissues.

An athlete is 60 times more likely to injure his teeth if not wearing a protective splint.

The American Dental Association recommends the use of customized splints for any athletic activity which involves a risk of injury, not only for contact sports, but also for individual sports such as gymnastics and skateboarding.

Although there are several types of splints in the market, not all of them provide the necessary adjustment or protection. Even casts that are heated by hot water to soften so they can be fitted in the mouth, they fall far from protecting as they lack thickness and often do not cover the whole dentition.

The best splint remains the customized- one, that is exclusively made for you by your dentist using an accurate impression of your teeth.

Proper sports stent is a favorable cost-benefit tool that can save us from long-term dental services, suffering, anxiety and pain.