I’ve lost all my teeth! What should I do?

Total or partial loss of the teeth not only makes us seem aged but also affects speech and mastication. Fortunately, there are now a variety of solutions for the recovery of the oral function. The most inexpensive option are the dentures. Many people use them and do not necessarily distinguish from natural teeth thanks to the skill of experts and the development of modern materials.

Is the “dentures” the only solution?

There are three types of removable restorations:

  • Full dentures
  • Over dentures
  • Partial dentures

In case the whole dentition is lost, a full denture is the most inexpensive solution that also supports the face contour that is lost. On the other hand the dentures remain unstable, especially in the lower jaw, where they can easily be displaced anytime by the tongue.

If this is the case, over dentures could smooth out the problem, since they are based on natural teeth or implants and provide with the assurance of stability in the oral cavity. Usually two mandible implants are sufficient to hold an over denture, while the maxilla implants should be at least four.

Partial dentures can perform stability as well, especially when supported bilaterally by natural teeth. The most common problem the food trapped under them and the long-term caries of the natural supportive teeth.

Will I be able to chew properly?

All types of removable restorations are customized in dental laboratories, using the impressions of the patient received by the dentist, following intraoral modifications to restore the function of mastication and speech. If all the teeth must be extracted, an immediate full denture can be used in order to avoid staying edentulous. After the complete healing of tissues the final dentures are placed on. Post-treatment recalls are of vital importance. Removable prosthetic restorations will require modification over time because bone tissue changes take place. The time interval varies from patient to patient. The aim of the dentist is to ensure both proper function and aesthetic satisfaction.